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Micro Lot

Micro Lot #003 Panama Beni Geisha

Origin: Panama
Producer: Hartmann
Altitude: 1,600m - 1,700m
Beans: Geisha
Process: Washed
Cupping Note: Jasmine, coffee blossom, complex acidity, clean, peach, apricot
Quantity: 15kg x 2 bags = 30kg

The Beni Geisha is a micro-lot cultivated by Beni, the gentleman responsible for producing this exceptional variety. The coffee is grown about 5km west of Finca Hartmann and very close to the border with Costa Rica. The coffee is distinguished by its production at high altitude in a drier microclimate influenced by moderate winds.

Beni employs people from the indigenous NOBES tribes to help with production of the Beni Geisha, and the coffee is cultivated under shade without the use of pesticides. Cleaning is done by hand and processed with traditional handcrafted processes in fermentation and drying.