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Micro Lot

Micro Lot #005 Colombia Hector Estrada Microlot

Origin: Colombia
Producer: El Silencio
Altitude: 1,680m
Process: Washed
Cupping Note: Dark choc, fruity, maple syrup, apple
Quantity: 70kg x 4 bags = 280g

Finca el Silencio owned by Mr. Héctor Estrada, of the district of Palmitas of the municipality of Medellín. The location at 1,680 m.s.n.m generates favorable conditions in obtaining particular attributes in the coffee cup. Mr. Héctor Estrada has great recognition for his coffee quality shown in different scenarios such as business rounds, quality contest and auctions in which he has presented himself.

The quiet farm is certified in FAIRTRADE and has two verification of 4C and PRACTICES, which makes it a responsible farmer socially, environmentally and economically.

His family is made up by his wife Marta Eunice Álvarez and his daughters Leidy Jojana Estrada y Luz Nedy Estrada. Don Hector says "Thanks to coffee I can have a house, a good profit, I have given education to my daughters and enjoyed my family with a good quality of life."